Do you require a part-time or interim finance director?

Discover the business benefits of a part-time FD

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An expert qualified accountant or finance director can help your business to improve its cash-flow, manage risk and achieve its goals. But knowledge and skills like this come at a price – one that many small and medium sized businesses can’t afford.

So what’s the solution?

A part-time FD or accountant could be just what your organisation needs. Here at Your Finance Director, we supply businesses with part-time finance directors and accountants who offer practical, expert advice on everything from budgeting and cash flow forecasting to business plans and investments.

You can get the financial expertise you need without forking out for a full-time salary.

Need a part-time FD or accountant but don’t know who to choose?

Bringing someone in to help manage and maximise your finances is a big step, so it’s important that you make the right decision for you and your business. While the stereotype of grey-suited bean counters still persists, an effective finance director or accountant needs to be much more than just a button-pushing number cruncher!

  1. Technically skilled in accounting and understands the key drivers of wealth creation for your business and sector
  2. Knows how to build and nurture client relationships
  3. Focuses on moving your business forward, not looking back
  4. Identifies opportunities to exploit competitor weakness
  5. Has in-depth strategic awareness and commercial knowledge
  6. Can implement plans enabling your business to seize opportunities to invest
  7. Is a consistently excellent communicator and leader
  8. Can manage and shape relationships with investors, banks and stakeholders
  9. Operates with resilience, honesty and integrity
  10. Provides robust support to your board members, CEO and Managing Director

Your Finance Director can match you up with a or part-time FD or accountant who fulfils all these criteria, offering your business sound financial and commercial expertise, and insightful, practical advice that will help your business to evolve.

Hiring a part-time FD or accountant can strengthen your business as you grow and help you to avoid costly financial mistakes, without breaking the bank.

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red telephoneAt Your Finance Director, we’re experts in supporting small and medium sized businesses. Our flexible and affordable financial support services give our customers the security and space they need to discover new opportunities to grow their business.

If you’d like to find out how a part-time FD or accountant could help transform your growing business, call Your Finance Director today or contact us by email. One of our friendly advisors will guide you through the services we offer, helping you to decide if we’re the right financial experts for your business.

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