Business Evolution

Wherever your business is headed, we’ll help you get there…

growth tree in handAt Your Finance Director, we understand that every business is unique – with its own story, and its own objectives.

Our range of financial and accountancy services is designed to support you, your staff and your business through the everyday challenges and the bigger ones, too, taking into account your goals, your specific needs and your industry.

No matter how far along your business is, we’ve got financial, accountancy and business advice services that will help you grow.

Getting started

growth jar1The first stage in any business is a bright idea. But once you know you’ve got a commercially-viable business proposition, getting started can seem like a daunting prospect.

The key to any successful business is a stable foundation, so let Your Finance Director help you get it right first time.

We can offer you and your business:

  • Support and advice on what is the best legal structure for your business: sole trade vs Limited Company
  • Guidance on the resources required for your new company
  • Helpful advice on drafting business plans
  • Assistance in evaluating and improving current business plans
  • In-depth commercial and financial knowledge
  • Guidance when setting up banking arrangements for the business
  • The reassurance that comes from having a financial expert on your team

Establishing your business

growth jar2As your business evolves from a small-scale start-up firm into an established business, you can expect an increase in revenues and cash flow – but also with the level of expertise needed to manage them successfully.

Going it alone is a risky option for small businesses at this stage of their business evolution: without the right commercial and financial knowledge, you run the risk of entering into unwise investments and potentially catastrophic decisions.

Your Finance Director can help you grow your business, maintain control of your finances and develop new strategies that can accommodate and nurture your growing business’s current and future requirements.

Our Part-time Finance Directors and accountants can help you with:

  • Collating and recording accounting and financial information and using it to report performance
  • Advice on general finance and investment
  • Identifying funders, allowing your business to expand and increase profits
  • Guidance on which kinds of funding to target
  • Information on traditional bank finance, specialist asset finance, philanthropists, grants, business angels and venture capitalists
  • Systems design, implementation and maintenance
  • Budgeting and financial forecasts
  • Assistance on day-to-day development and management
  • Cash flow forecasting and management

Growing your business

growth jar3As your growing business changes shape, so will the challenges you face. With a new, wider network of customers, you’ll need to develop new products and services, and bring those to market.

Savvy financial management, careful budgeting and insightful cash flow forecasting are all crucial at this stage of your business evolution.

Your Finance Director can provide you and your business with:

  • Collating and recording accounting and financial information and using it to report performance
  • Developing and expanding your business’s systems and controls
  • Devising and implementing systems that your business is lacking
  • Assistance for your management team when deciding on growth strategy
  • Evaluating the skill sets present at your business’s operational level
  • Developing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for your business
  • Assessing and adjusting your financial forecasts and cash flow forecasting
  • Effective cash management, ensuring growth strategy and cash position are aligned
  • Support for management in deciding on task prioritisation

Mergers and Acquisitions

growth jar4Later down the line, the acquisition of a rival or competitor in your industry can be a vital way of helping your business to achieve its full potential. But identifying the best target and appraising the situation carefully is a daunting and arduous task that requires specialist knowledge.

Your Finance Director can help you to:

  • Identify and appraise targets
  • Liaise confidently with external advisors, legal teams and other specialists
  • Navigate the minefield of pricing and valuation
  • Undertaking financial due diligence
  • Get the most of effective deal structure
  • Work with financiers to achieve a cost effective and affordable finance package


For any business owner, exiting the market is about maximising potential and realising the value in your business. This is something that should be carefully and consistently considered throughout the entire life-cycle of your business.

Preparing a business for sale involves evaluating it thoroughly from both an operational and a financial perspective, and positioning all of these aspects in a way that maximises the return for all the years of hard work you’ve put in.

Your Finance Director can help you with:

  • Practical suggestions and support for maximising the return on your business
  • Tax planning considerations
  • Fielding questions from external advisors or potential suitors

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red telephoneYour Finance Director can support your business through every stage of its evolution. We offer cost-effective, practical guidance to small and medium sized business-owners, helping them to avoid the pitfalls present at every stage of their company’s life-cycle and assisting them to make the most of their assets.

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